Friday, September 25, 2009

It All Started With An Email...

Well let me back up a little bit...It started with one of those crazy blogger awards, that make their way around the interwebs!

With those awards there is always a set of rules attached that says you have to give 7 facts about yourself (blah.blah.blah) and pass it on to 7 people, so on and so forth.

So being a child of the 90's, I admitted that I still rocked out to N'Sync and when I forwarded the award to a blogger friend, she admitted she too had pumped up the jam on some N'Sync.

Emails were flowing back and forth and then...


It hit us...



So this blog will document our journey to get the N'Sync boys back together, because seriously Justin, J.C. Joey, Lance, and Chris...

It's Tearin' Up Our Hearts Without You!



  1. I am SOOO IN! I NEED them back! So badly! This blog has completely made my day.

    When I was a wee tween I used to fantasize about doing a reality show where I just followed them around while they toured and documented it.

    Yep, I invented a reality show way back before they were all the hell over TV. BTW, when this works, DIBS ON BEING THE HOST OF THE REALITY SHOW!

  2. OH MY GOSH! I am in in in!! I seriously just jumped up and down.

    I went to a million concerts, entered NSYNC Lipsync competitions, decorated my car for every concert, talked myself back stage for two, met Joey 5 times and have danced in between Joey and JC on a stage where they were mc-ing.

    I dont even listen to pop music these days... but I do still harbor a huge, HUGE obsession with NSYNC!!!!